Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Post :)

Hey Guys.... I just wanted to do a post on what this blog is basically gonna be about.... I am in Love with Austin Mahone... He is amazingly gorgeous and talented.... If you don't know who Austin Mahone is then you need to go check him out on twitter - @austinmahone , facebook- Austin Mahone and youtube- Austin Mahone.... I telling you guys that he is amazing and even though he is not quite famous yet... trust me he will be :)

I <3 Austin Mahone
-Brooke :)


  1. I love Austin Mahone I would so date him and i have pretty eyes and i'm fun and i could make him laugh I love austin!!!!!!!I have the same eye color he does!!
    Mahomie forever <3

  2. that was amber who published that btw!!!!

  3. All these comments everyonene is comenting know is obviously in love with austin but, you shouldn't love with the eyes of what u see, u should fall in love with what he really is and I'm saying this because I'm a fan and i know that if i was famous I would love to see signs say i <3______ but that's just them talkig about the cutness and music he deserves a girl for who he is not what he is!!! And I want to say that I think Austin is going to go far as in famous a.d u hope he does:) like or reply if u like!! ^___^ <3<3

    1. Wow you make good points and i totally agree.

  4. I LOVE AUSTIN MAHONE.!!♡ Him and Alex are soooo hilarious and awesome.! I can't wait to go to his concert in February, I'm so so so excited.! I love him with allllll my heart.!!<33 he is the best ever<3 ♡ COOL MORNING.!!!<<<<Haha #onlyfewwillgetit

  5. I luv Austin Mahone!!!!!!!!!! <3 Austin is the cutest, funniest, most talented guy ever to walk this planet! The best thing about him is his personality. Especially his sense of humor.